Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

Finally, the long wait is over. The movie sequel to the popular TVB series 15 years ago, Return of the Cuckoo, will hit theaters tomorrow. I’m nervous about it, honestly. While not the greatest series, Cuckoo left a deep impression on me as child and kinda scarred me a bit too. The characters I should love, I loved. The characters I should hate, I hated. It’s such a dear part of my childhood and kick-started one of my first OTP ships ever in Hong Kong entertainment – Charmaine Sheh and Julian Cheung, together as Charlian. I really don’t want anything to ruin that perfect nostalgic feeling. Yunno? It’s been 15 years… their chemistry is no longer the same…

A lot of pictures and trailers/mv after the jump! You’re warned!

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Return of the Cuckoo Movie version releases nostalgic trailer

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! I can’t. I can’t. WHYYY?? The drama killed my tender and innocent heart 15 years ago. You might notice I no longer ship drama kids who grew up together anymore because THIS DRAMA RUINED ME. The bitterness in my heart… remains till this day. And now what? They want to remedy the wound with a movie?

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