TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

Don’t know why I still like to do this red carpet, maybe it is tradition (since 2012). I haven’t watched a single TVB drama all year long. Those I planned to watch (Lord of Shanghai, With and Without You), I ended up not having time for. Did you guys watch any this year? Agreed with the winners?

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A Promising Start: The Confidant Episode 1-5


So good! The fact that I inhaled the first five episodes in one sitting is telling enough. Unlike many other palace dramas, The Confidant focuses on the struggles of eunuchs – nothing too melodramatic or draggy for now, and less backstabbing and screaming from the consorts. I didn’t sense familial warmth and humor in the released trailers, but the first story arc added these two factors in seamlessly. The writer was able to turn daily routines into interesting character interactions, and before I knew it, I wanted to watch more. It’s a keeper! This one!

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