Character Posters: Ju Jing Yi’s The Legend of Yun Xi, Jia Nai Liang’s Romance With the Star

Two more upcoming dramas for you!

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Piano keys as the ladder to Wallace Chung’s Healing Love

I like the quick teasers this drama dishes out, it’s quite creative. Healing Love (幸福的理由) is Wallace Chung‘s upcoming drama (he has a few up his sleeves waiting to air) with Wang Xiao Chen and Qiao Zhen Yu. On a positive note, this is not adapted from a novel. THANK-YOU! I don’t have to be aware of darn novel spoilers everywhere and can happily enjoy without comparison (so rare). Per the title, Wallace hopes that this drama brings awareness to society when it comes physical disabilities and that people who are less fortunate than others don’t think any less of themselves. That everyone should open up, receive love, and give love, in ways that they feel most comfortable with. 👍👍👍

They have wrapped up filming in China and will move on to Vienna to film the rest. Post production then proceeds for about five months.

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