Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng for star-studded reality show Race the World

I know someone will be jumping for joy at this news. My sweet old lady – Mom! I tell ya, she’s a sucker for dumb girl-smart boy storyline. And rumor in the mill is that they might collaborate again after 11 years! Mom still has It Started With A Kiss on VHS and dvds! I don’t understand her obsession with that drama, just like how she doesn’t get my love for Prince Turns to Frog. A girl likes what she likes. CANNOT ARGUE there. Anyway, I always digress. Lol. Race the World is a new variety show where the cast members are paired up to complete missions at popular places like LA, Japan, Italy, etc. Doesn’t it seem like these shows are basically doing the same thing and banking on the invited actors to pull in the audience? At least this time, they have some famous names from the Olympics world!

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