Chen Xiao, Du Tian Hao, and Liu Rui Lin wreak havoc on campus in Who Sleeps My Bro

Who the heck was in charge of naming this campus film? Really? Who Sleeps My Bro? I’m speechless. The original full title Brother Who Sleeps in the Top Bunk (睡在我上铺的兄弟) is based on the song written about friendship growing apart after college. The movie is led by Chen Xiao and his partners in crime in Du Tian Hao, Wayne Liu Rui Lin, and Li Xian with their lady loves in Qin Lan and Vicky Yu Xin Tian. The premise follows a group of freshmen in college as they navigate through the wild days of friendship, pranks, and love. That’s not generic at all. Lol.

UPDATED 12/28/15: Trailer is out!

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