Pleasantly Surprised: Episode 1 “Enjoyable.”

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Previously known as Love Myself or You, Pleasantly Surprised is the latest Twdrama to premiere this past friday, featuring a group of wannabe cooks all gathered in a small french restaurant, managed by a petty executive chef out to woo one of his female chefs in all the crippling ways. In comes a handsome intern, looking to change the way people feel about cooking and lead his childhood friend back on the track to enjoy life.

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Just You Recap: Episode 1 & 2

Hihihihihi everyone ^u^ I’m jumping aboard the AVV ship to provide you with moar recaps and moar reviews and moar what-have-yous~ I’m going to start with a small, currently airing series, a Taiwanese drama called Just You (就是要你愛上我lit. Just want you to love me) starring some fluffy puppies called Aaron Yan and Puff Guo.

I picked this project for a few reasons: It’s short (10 episodes), cute, with a engaging storyline (unless the writer gets whacked later on in the show), and most importantly, the chemistry between Aaron and Puff is fireworksworthy (if that isn’t a word, I’m inventing it now for them~). Aaron plays the boss from… a very rich, good-looking hell: suffering from OCD, no emotions, snarkiness, and a sad backstory, while Puff plays the perky employee who unwittingly ends up as roomies with him, and decides that the most expedient way to make him loosen up is to make him fall in love with her.

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Hilarious trailer for ‘Machi Action’ featuring Bolin Chen


Heeee! This looks really cute. I see many conflicting comments of this production. Initially, some say it’s a rip-off of Kamen Rider, but now that they’ve read the plot, it’s more of a parody/tribute to Toku superheroes, focusing on the life of an actor after his superhero show is axed due to low ratings. Watch as Bolin Chen unveils his superhero charisma on the big screen! The film is also highly anticipated because of writer and director, Giddens Ko, who was in charge of last year’s surprise hit You’re the Apple of My Eye.

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