Yan Kuan & Sunny Du share their love through wedding photos

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It’s finally friday! What a long week, and guess what? I woke up as sick as a turtle. Sluggish movement, running nose, and a fever. Despite all these, I’m smiling at the email I read today. Apparently, The Inheritors is co-produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures & DF! So the alarming news is the red flag that we might see in the upcoming days when DF does drop the bomb on us. This is not why I’m smiling though – the email I received was from a supporter of AVV! It’s so sweet to know that some of our visitors care enough to take 5 minutes out of their day to drop us a warning email. I’m grinning like a sick fool. 😀

To make my grin even bigger: Yan Kuan and his ladylove Sunny Du were recently in a wedding photoshoot for Cosmo Bride. Nothing like a real life couple showing the world how love should look like. Most of the actors/actresses that I grew up watching are either getting married or having kids. Time, thou are sneaky! I haven’t read of a wedding date yet but since Yan Kuan proposed to her earlier this year, it should be soon. This is icing on the cake when they do take real wedding photos. Spread the love ~~

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Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

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Suzy is mature and sophisticated for Harper’s Bazaar in France while Esquire magazine’s editor saturated Lee Seung Gi‘s photos with too much purple. And for god’s sake, the location is in Hawaii, you could at least show the beautiful scenery with blue oceans and sea life (read: shirtless goodies.) But all you have are face shots. REALLY? Why did I include them together? They’re hot off The Gu Family Book, as we all know.

Also check out Mnet’s award video of Suzy meeting the fake Kang Chi onstage. Cute.

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[Photos] Lee Min Ki models for First Look Magazine

In October, First Look invited actor Lee Min Ki to romance their readers. His upcoming movie Chilly Romance with Son Yejin is scheduled to release this December [Watch Trailer]. For some reason, this is the movie I look forward to the most. What’s more? Both leads are going to appear on the next episode of Running Man. This Sunday. I cannot wait. Mark down your calendar folks!

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[Photos] Kim Soo Hyun & Choi Kang Hee in Singles Magazine

Just when I thought my hubby is busy training hard for his upcoming movie The Thieves with Lee Jung Jae and Jeon Ji Hyun, this photo spread pops up. Kim Hubby, so you sneak off to Spain with Noona Kang Hee without telling me?! I expect a one-month honeymoon in Spain when you come back. And that’s just the beginning!

Jokes aside, this photo shoot is gorgeous. The make-up and clothes Choi Kang Hee modeled looks fabulous on her. Kim Soo Hyun looks lonely! (why, he needs a female model, that would be me!). Last photo is my desktop wallpaper this month!

Drool-worthy photos under the cut!

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