Joe Chen Qiao En stuns in topless shoot for Him Magazine

Sometimes, I wonder how many male readers I have and whether this type of post would lure them out of hiding? Sorry to give ya’ll a nosebleed on a Monday morning. 😉

While I have followed Joe for the longest time, it still astonishes me whenever she poses with little clothing on because she’s very, very well-endowed and it’s weird how they hide it very well in dramas. I think Joe manages to remain classy without going overboard.

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The new face this summer: Leon Zhang Yun Long

If there is one good thing that came out of the terrible ship, A Different Kind of Pretty Man, it’s my discovery of a few new faces, and one that I caught my attention completely is Zhang Yun Long, (english name: Leon.) Chances are you’ve seen him somewhere in dramaland this summer because the boy had three airing projects. When he was not busy painting prophetic visions in A Different Kind of Pretty Man, he was busy time-traveling back into his kitty self in Ancient of the Legend Sword, and when he was not doing those crazy things, he was a college student in Yang Mi’s production, V Love.

Man, my life as a celebrity stalker just got bussssssierrrrr.

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Looking chic and aloof for Cosmo: Zhao Li Ying

Those eyebrows stick out a like sore thumb.

My girl needs a role transformation soon. Having seen the trailer of Hua Qian Gu, I’m a little disappointed that it’s another innocent wide-eyed character. I wanted her to stretch and challenge her acting yunno because people are beginning to label her as the “cute” type already when we (or maybe just me?) know that she can be much more. On the bright side, she’s rumored to be picking out her next projects, one that has been in the news for a while is reuniting with Chen Xiao (yesssss!!!), planned by Yumama (noooooo!!!!), and another book adaptation (hmm~~). Nothing in concrete yet so I won’t post any news.

Happy Sunday. =D

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Ady An poses as a beautiful bride for OURS

With continuous news of hookups and marriages in Mainland China entertainment, I guess many stars would feel lonely when they’re in their mid thirties. But of course, happiness does not mean one needs to have a significant other. Here, Ady An is invited to be a bride for OURS this past April. She looks strange in some frontal poses….almost unrecognizable as another actress… But side profile and that smile – she’s the same Ady An I knew from The Outsiders. Speaking of which, why hasn’t any directors reunite her with my Dylan Kuo yet??!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY??

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Feminine and stylish, Zhou Dong Yu poses for Cosmopolitan

Their old photoshoot for Cosmo.

EEEEE!! It’s friday!! I’m returning to school on Monday to finish my summer rotation. Less time to play on my woobie. =/

Flipping through the pictures, the effect of Under the Hawthorn Tree still leaves me feeling sad every time I see the lead characters in other projects. How could they be happy while I’m suffering for their love? That movie deserves to be watched by all. How could you guys not give it a chance? Please give it a chance! It’s not a short movie, I know, but worthwhile for the stunning cinematography and moving performances by the new faces!

I almost didn’t recognize Zhou Dong Yu in her summer photoshoot for Cosmopolitan because she looks radiant with strong make-up and colorful summer dresses. It’s the opposite of her bare-faced, country-pumpkin look in the aforementioned movie, where her translucent skin is highlighted in every close-up scene, emphasizing her youth and restrained energy. In real life, she looks like a baby, which could be a problem down the line if she wanted to play something provocative and serious. Heads up, her latest movie is My Old Classmate with Lin Gen Xin. (No!!! I need closure for you and Shawn Dou!)

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Yuki Furukawa struts in Naoki mode for Ellemen

 photo cee2699d-c7f0-445d-9c4c-0ee2a1d517f9.jpg
Nerdy for Keane.

Seeing these spreads of Yuki made me realize that I haven’t finished Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo yet! How terrible. See the review tripped me up and slowed me down (FYI, I haven’t written a single word. Anyone wants to volunteer?) Anyway, Yuki Furukawa has been traveling around Asian countries because of the popular remake of It Started With A Kiss, a story I couldn’t get behind until this latest adaptation, which is full of heart and Miki Honoka makes me want to adopt her as a baby sis (and that’s saying a lot because I rarely want to share my toys!) Here he is in China’s Ellemen but gawd, would it kill for you to smile, dude? One thing that has stayed consistent is I never really support the male lead. For me, Miki Honoka is the star and light of this series.

Naoki is lucky he somehow caught her attention. Yep. I said it!

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