New actors Hou Ming Hao and Bai Lu lead The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women Drama Version

Born in 1994, new actress Bai Lu is the latest addition to Yu Zheng Studio. She’s in both Zhao Ge and Untouchable Lovers and the recent webdrama Da Wang Bu Rong Yi, and now she’s given the lead monarch role in the supposedly drama version of Zhao Li Ying’s movie, The Monkey King 3: Kingdom of Women. Playing the role of our righteous and kind monk (in his youth) Tang Sanzang is Hou Ming Hao (The Devotion of Suspect X). I remember him from 72 Floors of Mystery, the poor kid got betrayed by Kris and Li Ying. But…Errr, he is only 18… and if the whole drama is about him in Kingdom of Women, wouldn’t he have kids…and grand kids too at that point?! Forget about the scripture then… LOL.

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