Kim Jong Kook: Don’t Be Good To Me MV

Don’t be Good to Me” by Kim Jong Kook

Download the song here

– After hearing the news that FO season 1 is coming to an end, Kim Jong Kook aka Mr. Mosquito decided to invite our Park YeJin to star in his mv! Now now, although I’m a bigger ChunJin’s fan, I adore KookJin too! Their fake scandal on FO is hilarious. Adding to the shyness is of course the Dumb & Dumber’s cheeky antics to create unstoppable laughter.

– I loved the beginning of the mv, Yejin is gorgeous and elegant with that hairstyle. Jong Kook is so cute smiling like that!! Gahhh!! Hehe I hope Jaesuk and Daesung will tease them in their last recording with all the family members, old and new. I believe it’s after SNSD’s Tiffany and KARA’s Nicole episodes.

– My favorite scene has got to be from 2:00 – 2:20. Jong Kook and Yejin both have on matching outfits!! I want to see Hyori’s reaction haha XD

– I’m back in school already folks, so updates will be scarce. Being a second-year student in college is no joke. Good luck to those who are applying to college!! My brother is… ^_^