The Unholy Alliance (TVB): Episode 1 – 10 “Nina Paw in Power.”

Welcome back to dramaland, Nina!

I have been looking forward to TVB series, The Unholy Alliance, for a while now and it’s finally aired! With the same production team (from Jazz Boon) and main cast lifted from last year’s hit series, A Fist Within Four Walls, The Unholy Alliance is considered its modern brother, led by veteran actress Nina Paw.

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War film Our Time Will Come features Zhou Xun, Eddie Peng, Wallace Huo

What a casting and that is only the tip of the iceberg! In the veteran line-up, we have Tony Leung Ka Fai, Ray Lui, Jiang Wen Li, and Nina Paw! The movie marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China (after more than a century of British colonial rule) and it follows teacher-turned-guerilla-fighter Zhou Xun during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong in the 1940s. How the youths struggle and fight in wartime resistance groups.

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Blessing Ceremony for Ruco Chan and Nancy Wu’s Alliance

So fast! Seeing Nancy Wu and Ruco Chan again reminded me I still need to continue where I left off with A Fist Within Four Walls. LOL. Now that it’s over, I can safely watch at my own pace. They are uniting again for a modern drama The Alliance (同盟) with details of the plot still tightly wrapped up but we do know it involves action scenes and Nancy will play Ruco’s bodyguard! That is funny. More so is the fact that half of Fist cast members are in this one as well. Not a surprise since reusing faces is TVB’s strategy nowadays. Lol.

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