A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 3 – 8 “Slugging along.”

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Look who’s playing catch-up. It took me a while to write this post. Trust me when I say I REALLY want to like this drama, it has an interesting premise but the execution of the story doesn’t raise anticipation or curiosity, since we already know many facts before the characters, which makes everything less suspenseful for us.

If you love this show with the intensity of a thousand suns, please don’t burn down my post. 😛 I encourage discussion as long as people are peaceful!

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A Different Kind of Pretty Man: Episode 1 & 2

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Hey drifters. Due to the lack of time and prioritizing sleep over everything else, I phoned our latest drama-crazed resident, Shimokuren, to lend a hand in writing a quick first impression for Gui Gui‘s ongoing drama, A Different Kind of Pretty Man, currently airing two episodes a week on Sundays. I can’t thank her enough for going through with this crazy plan, even innocently thinking that it was one long episode. Poor Shimo.

Without further ado, let us know your thoughts on the drama! 😀 – Kap

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