Jane Zhang sings for Lost Love In Times OST, Second Trailer for Nothing Gold Can Stay

The above still is hilarious, Chen Xiao is purposely trolling Sun Li. I’m surprised at the arrangement of the trailers released for Nothing Gold Can Stay. The first one features her heavily with Peter Ho, and now we get to see her with Chen Xiao in the second trailer. He still looks like her brother, with the way she manhandles him in every scene. XD As for Lost Love In Times with William Chan and Liu Shi Shi, we have a peek at its themesong, sung by Jane Zhang. It’s so soft and soothing, I didn’t expect it. Sounds oh so…..pretty? Lol.

Happy July 4th!

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Sun Li and Chen Xiao’s Nothing Gold Can Stay releases long-shot trailer

It is an interesting trailer, one long-shot of Sun Li wandering through the night and visiting memories of the past. The chemistry thermometer is not what I want it to be! Peter Ho while plays the second male lead has more chemistry with Sun Li than her male lead, Chen Xiao. Chen Xiao looks like a younger brother around her. Lol.

UPDATE: Forgot to add that the actors will be using their real voices. No dubbing!

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Ice Fantasy Destiny: The Spinoff, Nothing Gold Can Stay New Stills

Why a spinoff? Because 62 episodes isn’t enough to tell the story? Cdramas, we need to talk about the new lengths you guys are reaching for in terms of dragging out storylines! The next downside is removing the female lead and replacing her with a new face. That never ends well with original fans. Ice Fantasy Destiny (幻城凡世) is the modern spinoff starring Feng Shao Feng in a CEO role as he unlocks memories and powers of his Ice Prince past, with actress Zhang Yu Qi as the leading female, followed by little brother Ma Tian Yu and his lady love, Alina Zhang.

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Nothing Gold Can Stay drops first stills with Chen Xiao, Sun Li

Based on a true story, That Year Flower Blooms The Moon Is Full (那年花开月正圆) has an official English title as Nothing Gold Can Stay. The story features Chen Xiao (Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014) and Sun Li (Legend of Mi Yue) in a period drama at the end of the Qing Dynasty in Shaanxi, surrounding the merchant trade of silk. They held a press conference a few hours ago and boy was it a star-studded event from the TV industry with TVB ladies Myolie Wu and Niki Chow, as well as Ren Zhong, Yu Hao Ming, and veteran Zhang Chen Guang in attendance.

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Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 1

You know when I write about dramas, I rarely sit down and count them? Until I do and the list is humongous! There are about 20+ chinese dramas set to start filming in the winter of 2016, as you might already notice from the onslaught of press conferences and booting ceremonies this past week. To keep me sane, I have compiled the first batch here. Hee!

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Raymond Lam sings themesong for The Virtuous Queen of Han

 photo VQ4.jpg

Yes, you are the king, Raymond Lam. Having two dramas air at the same time in Hong Kong and Mainland China!

And I’m saying themesong just to be modest, cause he’s singing the ending themesong also, much to many dismay. I like his singing, so it’s not an issue with me. And he has officially left his maiden home at TVB as of this week. I’m not sad, if anything, excited for his future ventures. To be honest, he hasn’t been filming that many TVB dramas so the news of his leaving didn’t surprise me nor left a gaping hole. Moreover, like many other artists who left, he’ll eventually finds his back in a few years because nobody really leaves TVB without coming back. 🙂

Now, let’s promote Vincent Wong to leading man status. You heard him, he needs to invest in a house for his family!

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TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

 photo nan_ron.jpg

Another year of TVB dramas. To be honest, I only watched and finished Triumph In the Skies 2 (skimming through the last 20 episodes, ahum), a few episodes of Brother’s Keeper and Reality Check, and 6 episodes of My Bounty Lady. So I’m not a good representative of a TVB fan. heh. But now that fans have calmed down, I’ll tune in for some fun. Hint: A round of fashion terror!

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TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2012): “Well-deserved!”


Is all I have to say. Your favorites might not win, but it’s hard to argue against the winners. Everyone looked happy and moved, and the camaraderie was palpable among the contestants. The stage looked nice this year, not the usual bright and shiny getup. We have a dark blue canopy with stars shining overhead. The one thing that stood out was the fashion. Ladies, you’re PRETTY! Dress BETTER!

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