Hiro Mizushima and his tragic hair in Black Butler

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I find it funny how they listed the day of its release (sat).

I remember being excited about this news months ago. Now that I saw the trailer, I just wanted to sue the hairstylist! How could you ruin this man’s perfect face with a mop of squiggly whatchucalledthemthings?! It doesn’t frame his face very well… And how much weight did he lose? He looks like a starved vampire. Anyway, enough harping on the obvious. The movie is a loosely adaptation of Yana Toboso‘s popular manga series Black Butler. I said loosely because there are significant changes (the hair!), okay, okay, fine, fine. I didn’t watch the anime (2 episodes!) so I have no idea what’s different but birdies around have voiced that the setting is now in 2020 with the rich kid being played by a female (Ayame Goriki).

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Kap’s Overview of Hanazakari No Kimitachi E (2007)


Troll faces.

If someone were to ask me the magic of this version, I would say the magic lies in the charming supporting cast. That means minus Oguri Shun and Horitaki Maki, everyone else was spot on in their characters no matter how ridiculous and illogical the scripts asked of them. Don’t complain since they warn you about it in the 1st episode. Suspend your beliefs and enjoy the view.

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