Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

TF (8)
Looking angry aren’t we? Who stole ya’ll happypants?

Taking a brief break from my boring lecture notes and how wonderful is it to see colors in motion!? Wee~~!! Upcoming remake of drama The Four, featuring a line of young faces recently releases a 4-minute preview, showcasing their expensive production materials to the fans. In the midst of fighting corruption and upholding justice, our four guards find themselves declaring love and receiving confessions. Who is your favorite pairing?

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Palace 2 releases breath-taking song “Buddha Says”

Palace 2 started airing over this weekend, has anyone seen the first two episodes? Apparently, it is not set in the modern setting, as the ending of Palace 1 suggested. I wonder how the storyline is going to proceed now. The above picture is uber cute…

Anyway, let your ears be romanced by this inspirational song. It brings calmness to my heart after the chaos in the past 4 days.

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Jade Palace Lock Heart: Mid-Way Report

Not only are Korean dramas making a line-up in May, I’m also watching Chinese dramas. Summer vacation is lovely this year as I submerge myself into the ocean of Asian dramas. teeeheee!

Jade Palace Lock Heart, also known as Gong (Palace). The Chinese title is “宫锁心玉”. The plot is about a modern girl, Luo Qing Chuan, being transported back in time of Emperor Kang Xi’s reign. There, she is caught in the struggle of politics and romance.

Following is my thoughts for the first 21 episodes. Don’t spoil the fun for me!

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