Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao’s wedding shoots for Vogue, Marie Claire

If Yu Zheng were to be known for only one thing in his life, it would be unintentionally match-making Yang Guo’s Chen Xiao to Little Dragon Girl’s Michelle Chen. Michelle might have endured the toughest period of her life during the filming of Romance of the Condor Heroes, but ultimately, she is the winner. When I read their interviews, he was her source of light and hope during that period. Even before developing romantic feelings for her co-star, she thought it would be great to have a friend like him in her life. Then feelings sparkled and the rest is history. The pair plans to hold two simple wedding ceremonies, one in Taiwan, and one in China to accommodate both sides of the families.

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Michelle Chen’s upcoming movies: Pali Road, Scandal Maker

Looks who’s keeping herself busy with film after film. Michelle Chen returns to movie land with a couple of projects under her belt. The two that caught my attention are on opposite end of the spectrum – thriller Pali Road and comedy Scandal Maker.

Happy Mother’s Day! ^___^

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Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

Another gathering, this one slightly bigger because everyone has weibo! There are some Korean stars thrown in the mix as well, among them my favorites from Running Man! Did you guys vote? I did. Lol. Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu are both Weibo Queen and King respectively. Nick was the top dog and lost to Kris in the last few days!

I don’t think I have all awards figured out yet. Too many.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (23)

Another long overdue batch. Just to catch up before Thanksgiving.

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Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards China 2015

Another red carpet event by Cosmopolitan. Giving out awards for being pretty….??

Who is the best dressed of them all?

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Air date for Tangren’s drama remake of The Legend of Qin

Add this one to the mix of anticipated Tangren productions! Almost the same cast as Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes. Lol. This is what happens when you repetitively use people under the same management. The Legend of Qin is a drama adaptation of a Chinese animated TV series written and directed by Robin Shen (inspired by a novel by Wen Shi Ren). The story follows Tian Ming (Jiang Jin Fu), his best friend, Xiang Shao Yu (Michael Qin Jun Jie) and the heroine, Gao Yue (Hu Bing Qing), as they overcome obstacles during the political unrest leading to the building of the Qin Dynasty and how Emperor King Zheng struggled to unite all 6 nations.

I’m interested to see how the drama remake comes out, mainly because this is one of the few times I have watched the animated version and liked the story and characters. However, it’s so slow in story-telling. T__T We are only on Season 5 of the series.

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L♥ve Bug Report: Chen Xiao is dating Michelle Chen

You guys jumped the gun on me. Lol. I saw the news about 7 hours ago and have been in denial since then. I thought that if I could sleep through it all then maybe the news was only a dream. Then I woke up and reality is still there. Chen Xiao‘s manager has come out to confirm the relationship between the OTP of Romance of the Condor Heroes, the second real couple to emerge after portraying Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nv. They were caught by paps entering and then exiting from the same hotel room in Shanghai the next morning (+ previous dates). Of course Yumama is skipping happily around on Weibo too. But I’m only human and my heart has dropped somewhere when I read the news…. Gimme some time to retrieve it and I’ll be fine…

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