Stylish first trailer for The Legend of Flying Daggers

The news needs to slow down! I shut my eyes for four hours and more news comes out. The new adaptation of Gu Long’s novel has dropped its first English-subbed trailer. It’s three-minute long with an instrumental background, but keep your volume at a low level because at some point, Yang Rong lets out a high-pitched scream after her fallen lover, Hawick Lau. Girl hasn’t been watching wuxia dramas, no one dies falling off a cliff. heee!

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Yang Rong’s gorgeous palace in Gu Long’s Flying Daggers

It’s only one still but if I had a palace house like Yang Rong in the latest remake of Gu Long’s The Legend of Flying Daggers, I would host my Thanksgiving and Christmas party there every year! Basically, I would never leave. Is everyone here all set for the big dinner tomorrow? Don’t head out to the grocery store because you’re most likely gonna get a black eye. Not pointing fingers but it was brutal last year. Lol. Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow drifters (~^_^~)! Remember to be thankful for what you have instead of the luxuries you don’t own (read: Black Friday is just around the corner! =P) There is a reason why you have those in the first place. Cherish them! =)

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The Legend of Flying Daggers drops silky costume posters

Is this the promo week for costumes? Which production to outdo the rest and rise above in terms of creativity and beauty? I don’t mind one-colored costumes but then you set yourself up for some needed eye-catching designs to prevent blandness! Gu Long’s The Legend of Flying Daggers drops a batch of posters for their characters yesterday and I’m pretty much not as pumped as I thought I would be. They overly photoshopped these actors too much! C’mon, editing crew, you have a group of beautiful people!

With all that being said, I haven’t finished Julian (Chi Lam)’s version yet, I think I’m stuck at episode 5 or something. No time!

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Air Date and Chibi Version Posters for Zhang Han’s The Four

I can’t believe the last time I wrote about this idol detective drama was in 2013. Lol. Time flew by, huh? Well, it finally got an air date now…. because no other time would be this compatible for insanity. *glare*

Starting to worry here…what would they air in the latter half of the year?!!

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Kisses & Hugs in the trailer of Idol Cdrama “The Four”

TF (8)
Looking angry aren’t we? Who stole ya’ll happypants?

Taking a brief break from my boring lecture notes and how wonderful is it to see colors in motion!? Wee~~!! Upcoming remake of drama The Four, featuring a line of young faces recently releases a 4-minute preview, showcasing their expensive production materials to the fans. In the midst of fighting corruption and upholding justice, our four guards find themselves declaring love and receiving confessions. Who is your favorite pairing?

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