Duckweed holds conference with Zhao Li Ying, Deng Chao

Darn the time! When Li Ying‘s available to attend, Eddie Peng is busy. XD Duckweed (乘风破浪) will premiere in exactly one week and they released a music video 2 days ago, sang by Deng Chao, showing a few more scenes and kisses as well. And more behind-the-scene goodness! YESH!

Update: Dear Tranzgeek translated the whole mv for you guys. I personally don’t think much of the lyrics. Lol. The setting of this movie is in the 80s and 90s and women were expected with different things. Plus, Deng Chao, the son, is singing it and we still don’t know the full story.

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Trailer and stills for George Hu and Tony Yang’s film Where the Wind Settles

I wrote about this movie way back in April and the production dropped a trailer some weeks ago. Used to be known as Family in the Wind (my translation), it is now officially called Where the Wind Settles, a film that follows the lives of two friends as they struggle during war times to build and maintain a family. Tony Yang takes center stage and would be old and sorrowful about leaving his wife and child behind before he meets his son years later in the form of Mason Lee. While our George Hu is not the main lead, he should have a decent amount of screen time being the best friend.

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Family in the Wind brews bromance with Tony Yang & George Hu

 photo a2c152a7-6832-442e-afe2-d2e329904830.jpg

Oh the pretty boys and the bromance! Did Tony Yang sign a new agency recently? He’s been in a few prolific projects these past few months, both in dramas and now in films. Family In the Wind takes place in the chaotic times of war, with Tony leading the energetic, bright cast, portraying a tortured man who is forced to abandon his hometown, leaving his pregnant wife behind. A fact that many families can relate to, the agony and restlessness of waiting for news – any piece of news, can swallow you whole. The story will follow Tony’s character until he’s old and fragile. Which means, yes, he won’t see his baby until the boy has grown into a handsome, young lad, played by Mason Lee.

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