Love & Life & Lie with Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu To Air

I’ve got good news! Various news sites have revealed the air date for modern drama, Love & Life & Lie (遇见爱情的利先生), starring Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu to be January 4th! What made it real news is when Chen Xiao’s lovely wifey, Michelle Chen, liked one of the weibo posts. =D Being shelved for two years, everyone can finally rejoice in seeing a lively pairing comes to life. Please be true!

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Chen Xiao becomes puppy prince for Zhou Dong Yu in Love & Life & Lie’s first trailer

 photo LLL44.jpg

The audacity to post trailer and goodies while I’m sleeping production company!

BUT I’m happy to report it’s a sweet trailer, no jarring skip of tones. It’s a straight comedy through and through. And our heroine gives it to the hero good. I’m sure we still have plenty of time for *the* melo trailer to come out (modern CX crying?) but for now, I’m liking what I see!

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Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu cross into modern dramas with Love & Life & Lie

 photo LLL117.jpg

Formerly known as The Glass Slipper, Love & Life & Lie stars popular period actor, Chen Xiao, and new film darling, Zhou Dong Yu, in their first modern drama. Yep! I like this pairing. He looks like an ancient vampire while she’s the kind sweetheart from his childhood. If you remember, they were paired up together in The Palace, while Chen’s beloved leading lady, Zhao Li Ying, played the scheming palace maid who rose and fell from power just as quickly.

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