First Posters: Raymond Lam’s Rule The World, Fu Xin Bo’s Swords of Legends 2

First posters are out for two period dramas that started filming last winter, which seemed like a long time ago. Lol.

One is the historical drama Rule The World and the other is based on video game, Gu Jian Qi Tan 2 or Legend of the Ancient Sword 2.

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Trailers for Mike D. Angelo’s Chinese Dramas: My Little Princess, Delicious Destiny

Well, isn’t Thai Actor Mike D. Angelo keeping busy in China? This past week, two of his Chinese dramas, My Little Princess (亲爱的公主病‬) and Delicious Destiny (美味奇缘) both drop their first official trailer. One is a clearly a comedy, while the other one is your typical Chinese melo, complete with face-washing in a glass of wine.

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