Huang Lei leads extensive cast in remake of Midnight Diner

Midnight Diner (深夜食堂) is the Chinese remake of Jdrama Shinya Shokudo, which was also based on a Japanese manga series by Yarō Abe. The story follows a mysterious chef and his late night diner open from midnight to dawn, featuring ordinary stories from his patrons every night as they chatter and eat the one requested dish. Various stars from both China and Taiwan will be making an appearance including Mark Zhao, He Jiong, Janine Chang, Hu Bing Qing, etc.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/Entertainment News (49)

I heeded ya’ll advice and didn’t cram as much into this batch. Blame the Chinese entertainment of never sleeping!

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Anhui TV Drama Awards 2016

Another award ceremony! The pair of the day is of course Miss Highness and Mr. Majesty. Live long and prosper! heeee! *wink wink

The whole show will air on 1/1/17.

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China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

The star power this year seems less than previous years. That just means this small group of attendees get more attention on them. Not bad. Not bad at all. ;]

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Darren Wang joins Suddenly Seventeen as First Love

Aww, these stills are so cute! Beside securing Wallace Huo, Ni Ni, and Ma Su, the movie also has rising Taiwanese actor Darren Wang from Our Times! I luff him! Formerly called 28-Year-Old Minor, the romantic comedy now has an English name of Suddenly Seventeen. Good call, but I kinda like the other title better…

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Wallace Huo to romance Ni Ni in romcom 28-Year-Old Minor

Now, aren’t they a visually stunning couple? Looks like Wallace Huo isn’t in a rush to make a drama comeback as he just attended the opening ceremony for a new movie today. Chinese title 28岁未成年 which can be translated into 28-Year-Old Minor. I just find it funny that you guys were fiercely discussing about the concept of connections in the entertainment world and then we have this movie right after. Based on a novel of the same name, the director is Zhang Mo and she’s…. famous director Zhang Yi Mou‘s daughter. He has directed great hits like Under the Hawthorn Tree, House of Flying Daggers, and the upcoming The Great Wall. He’ll be playing the role of a producer in his daughter’s directorial debut.

My opinion of this matter… connections help get your foot in the door, but how long your foot can stay in that door depends on your talents.

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Sina’s Weibo Awards Night 2015

Another gathering, this one slightly bigger because everyone has weibo! There are some Korean stars thrown in the mix as well, among them my favorites from Running Man! Did you guys vote? I did. Lol. Zhao Li Ying and Kris Wu are both Weibo Queen and King respectively. Nick was the top dog and lost to Kris in the last few days!

I don’t think I have all awards figured out yet. Too many.

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