Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 3: Episodes 9 – 12

With the pace they went with Shi Shi and William Chan’s characters, is there space for Xu Hai Qiao to steal the audience’s heart? I will get the episodes up this weekend! =)

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Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 2: Episodes 5 – 8

Just in the second week and we have a royal wedding? Thanks to the dark palette theme their wedding robes glow and stand out like never before. Thanks to Brittany‘s tipoff in the cbox, Dramafever will be subbing this drama starting Monday! Yay! Then I can get their videos and subtitles for my uploads. Folks can download the series then. =)

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Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 4

Ancient drama Lost Love in Times (醉玲珑) starring Liu Shi Shi and William Chan airs every Thursdays and Fridays, 2 episodes each day, starting July 13th. Now this is the ideal schedule for me. Also ideal for broadcasters if the drama is a hit, it airs for a longer period of time! I will be away on a bus tour tomorrow’s morning so won’t be around for the next three days. So here’s your drunken ship for you to chat and share goodies! Anyone who wants to recap, let me know.

Happy Weekend!

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William Chan sings for Lost Love In Times OST, holds conference before air date

Press conference is held today for the beautiful cast of period drama Lost Love in Times, where William Chan’s song is revealed! Love all the songs from OST so far. Next week guys, more dramas ~

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Jane Zhang sings for Lost Love In Times OST, Second Trailer for Nothing Gold Can Stay

The above still is hilarious, Chen Xiao is purposely trolling Sun Li. I’m surprised at the arrangement of the trailers released for Nothing Gold Can Stay. The first one features her heavily with Peter Ho, and now we get to see her with Chen Xiao in the second trailer. He still looks like her brother, with the way she manhandles him in every scene. XD As for Lost Love In Times with William Chan and Liu Shi Shi, we have a peek at its themesong, sung by Jane Zhang. It’s so soft and soothing, I didn’t expect it. Sounds oh so…..pretty? Lol.

Happy July 4th!

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Lost Love In Times drops more stills and behind-the-scenes goodies

Love how they divided the stills into boys and girls. Lol. But just filling in the names are tiring enough!

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