Zhao Lu Si to romance Luo Yi Zhou next in modern drama Hou Lang

Hou Lang (后浪) is an upcoming drama with Zhao Lu Si and Luo Yi Zhou. It focuses on Chinese traditional medicine. Our heroine is in her twenties and lives a lonely life without her parents. She has no care for the past or the future. In an incident where she speaks up for the troubled, she’s aided by a professor of Chinese Medicine (Wu Gang) who later learns of her background and takes her under his wings. She starts anew and becomes a student in his Chinese medicine course, where his son (Luo Yi Zhou) constantly collides with her. Under the Professor’s guidance, the students find a new direction in their lives and the Professor also comes up with new ideas.

I had to do research on Luo Yi Zhou because I did not recognize him. He’s part of boy band IXFORM which was formed after Youth With You 3. I have seen some clips of his dancing, which is really good. Acting-wise, he’s in Central Academy of Drama Class of 2018, alongside of Jackson Yee, Hu Xian Xu (Hikaru no Go), and Li Lan Di. He’s brand new so good luck to him! Scoring a fun-loving partner like Lu Si and a veteran acting powerhouse in Wu Gang is a pretty sweet deal.

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