Cdrama OST: Sword and Fairy, Blossoms In Adversity, The Legend of Shen Li, War of Faith, In Blossom, Will Love In Spring, and more!

Another huge bomb of soundtracks! This includes most of the first quarter of dramas this year (up till April-ish). It was getting too long and my eyes were getting crossed scrolling up and down so I had to split it in half for my sanity. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!

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Growing up Together in Love Endures with Yang Zi and Fan Cheng Cheng

Love Endures (要久久爱) is based on the novel written by Ying Shi Liu following the separation and reunion of a group of close-knitted friends starring Yang Zi and Fan Cheng Cheng as the main leads. While you guys wait for Lost You Forever Season 2, you can catch Yang Zi in modern clothing instead!

Airing 1/20~

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