The Legend of Zu’s 15-minute trailer with Wu Xin Zhao Li Ying

It just dawned on me that Zhao Li Ying’s character name is also Wu Xin. Could the two Wu Xins star in a drama together? PLEASE? I’m so excited about Zu! I hope it doesn’t disappoint. I don’t expect it to be great but please don’t be another Journey to Flower, is all I’m asking! Lol. The 15-minute trailer really sets up the foundation of the story and lets us into the reason behind Papa Wu’s revenge.


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New trailer, soundtrack, and a conference for The Legend of Zu

It’s a busy day for the cast of The Legend of Zu (S) as they wrapped up recording for Happy Camp yesterday (with Jimmy Lin and JJ Lin!) and held a press conference a few hours ago today. They also release a 53-second sneak peek to Zhao Li Ying‘s duet with Andy Hui, along with a new trailer containing a healthy amount of skinship and kisses. I’m very, very happy today!

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Official Trailer for The Legend of Zu brings kisses and backhugs

A press conference was held today. Beside cat-walking down the red carpet in their costumes and waving their designated weapons, the first official trailer was also released to the audience. I watched the fancam trailer and is still upset with some of William’s fangirls. The need to scream EVERY SINGLE TIME his face is shown on screen while ignoring the rest of the cast members is frustrating, to say the least (click here for the fuzzy fancam). What’s going on here?! If I were there, I would be screaming for everyone, loudest for my girl crush Ying Ying because she deserves much more support than what was shown! Tskk Tskk!!

– calms self down –

Enjoy the heavy batch of images and trailer at the end. 😉

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Beauties of the Emperor: Episode 1 – “MINGEN!”


Taking a brief break from my Jdrama viewing (Still have a few series to cover!) to watch some MingEn. I haven’t recapped a full episode in a while so it may be rusty. The last time was Feast of the Gods fiasco. Episode 1 is fast-paced and sets the foundation for our female leads. The war scenes are quite good but I can’t watch them for long because the fallen horses break my heart.

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