Andy Lau becomes Boran Jing’s grief-stricken father in Lost and Love

If there was ever an award for the most recognizable star of the tv and film industry, Andy would get it.

In the upcoming film, Lost and Love, Andy Lau strips himself of make-up, tailored suits, guns, and spy missions to play a simpleton. Based on a true story of a child abduction case back in 2010, Andy plays a farmer whose child is kidnapped at the tender age of two. This begins a moving and raw journey of 15 years to reunite Andy with his adult son, played by Boran Jing. It’s amazing how I didn’t know who this kid was last year, but now he’s standing beside one of the most beloved actors to come out of Hong Kong in the past few decades. Me thinks this kid is going to places. Keep an eye on him!

NOTE: More stills added 1.28.15

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