Love and Redemption with Yuan Bing Yan and Cheng Yi announces broadcast date in August

Based on the novel written by Shi Si Lang, Love and Redemption (琉璃美人煞) stars Yuan Bing Yan and Cheng Yi as the leading couple. Our heroine is the second daughter to Shaoyang Sect Leader, who is inept in martial arts and described as clueless and weak, in comparison to her capable older sister (Zhang Yu Xi). Therefore, during the annual Martial Arts Competition, while her older sister is sent to represent the sect, younger sister is sent to a cave to reflect and that’s where she meets Lize Palace‘s disciple, our hero, and the two forge a friendship. Elder Sister makes enemy with Wu Long during the competition and he in return, injures our heroine, which motivates her to improve her martial arts in the next four years. Wu Long then betrays the righteous sects and join the evil sects in hopes of taking over jianghu. Our leads now must work together to fight the evil forces. The novel is much more complicated with their past lives being immortal beings who fought the demon a thousands years ago and disappeared.

Airing 8/6!

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Xu Kai confirms She and Her Perfect Husband with Yang Mi, new stills released for Ancient Love Poetry with Zhou Dong Yu

Xu Kai is the new IT Boy with lots of resources! To Land Zhou Dong Yu in one hand and Yang Mi in the other shortly after. I need to watch one of his projects to see for myself.

Still catching up with news here. Home! Weee ~

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Ren Jia Lun as secret agent in Autumn Cicada, to air in May

Ren Jia Lun is back on your small screen with Autumn Cicada (秋蝉)! He stations himself in Hong Kong for the establishment of a military base and an intelligence agency. Then he becomes a spy to collect information from the Japanese. When his two identities clashed and he’s captured, he escapes death with the help of the woman he loves, played by Li Man (after Ying Er bowed out due to pregnancy? I can’t remember the timeline.)

Airing 5/4!

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Cdrama Updates: My Fantastic Mrs. Right, Hunting, Love A Lifetime, My Little Happiness, Dance of the Phoenix

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New Promos: The Fox’s Summer Season 2, Legend of the Dragon Pearl, Song of Phoenix

All three dramas have broadcast date within the next two weeks. I don’t think we can make it out of May alive with all these dramas. O____O Will we have nothing for the Fall?! SAVE SOMETHING!

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The Legend of Chusen: Episode 11 – 14 “Gathering at Yudu.”

Nowadays, I really look forward to Shu Shu’s side-eyed faces. Lol. I know I’m way behind with this show. Sorry! I might be in competition with Chusen‘s crawling plot. XD And guess what? It’s Qin Jun Jie’s birthday today (turning 25)! So he gets to be in the cover image. hee.

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