Ending themesong for Gui Gui’s The Girl with Tassel Earrings

Looks like they are doing a series of Pearl Earrings dramas. Gui Gui will be in the first one that we have come to known as The Girl with Tassel Earrings alongside actor Dai Xiang Yu. Our leads meet when they work together to start and expand radio station at their school, but due to a misunderstanding, he steals her family heirloom – a pair of tassel earrings. To get them back, she slowly wins over his heart with her Intelligence and kindness (aka by surviving the mental and physical torture he dishes out….sounds familiar?)

Apparently, all my girlcrushes like to be tortured onscreen. *shrugs*

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Wrap-up parties for When He Comes Close Your Eyes and The Girl with Tassel Earrings

Wallace Huo‘s thriller series and Gui Gui‘s push-and-pull republican series came to an end this past week while many more started their booting ceremony in the same breath. Dramaland in China never sleeps. Check out the latest stills and trailers from both series!

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