Dou Luo Continent (Soul Land) with Xiao Zhan and Wu Xuan Yi begins airing today ~

It was rumored, but never confirmed, and here it is. Lol.

Let me copy and paste what I wrote last year: Dou Luo Continent is an adaptation of the Chinese web novel of the same name written by Tang Jia San Shao. Our hero is Tang San, considered a prodigy in the Tang Sect, a sect specializing in poisons and weapons. He commits suicide after entering the forbidden place for inner sect disciples and gaining the knowledge of the Sect. He feels guilty and kills himself, but is reborn in Soul Land (title of the novel), with his memories intact (dun, dun, dun). In the new land, he is raised by an alcoholic father and remains tenacious in mastering new skills. In Soul Land, each individual possesses an innate spirit, which one can cultivate and strengthen, becoming a Spirit Master, a well-regarded profession. Our hero has two.

Airing 2/5 ~

How do you guys like it so far?

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First Impression: What do you think of Wu Lei’s Battle Through The Heavens (Fight Breaks Sphere)?

Another fantasy drama at your door!
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New trailer for Leo Wu Lei and Lin Yun’s Fight Breaks Sphere (Battle Through The Heavens)

This kid is just too handsome for his own good, growing up right before our eyes every minute of the day. We really need a new batch of young actresses too; Song Wei Long turns 19 (!!) today.

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Fights Break Sphere First Trailer: Baron Chen drives Leo Wu Lei batty

While we see glimpses of his romance with the ladies, it’s Wu Lei‘s chemistry with his master, Baron Chen, that cracks me up. He puts the poor kid through a lot to get that kind of face above! So many pretty ladies, Wu Lei putting the moves on his Jie Jies. Tsk tsk!! XD

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Fights Break Sphere drama releases more Character Stills

More pretty! I don’t know about ya, but having a good hair is important to me. Lol. Last time, they released wintry stills of the cast galloping in the snow, and now we get a peek at the styling of all the key players. Fights Break Sphere is adapted from Battle Through the Heavens (斗破苍穹), a xianxia novel written by Tian Can Tu Dou.

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Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace unveils more Consorts Stills

Palace drama Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace (如懿传) is adapted from the novel written by Liu Lian Zi, following the marriage between Qianlong Emperor (Wallace Huo) and Ulanara (Zhou Xun), the Step Empress during the Qing dynasty. I honestly don’t think this is my type of story; countless number of scheming ladies conspiring for and against each other. Lol. The new batch of stills only consists of half of the ladies thrown in the pitting box to fight for Qianlong’s affections. One hell of a lucky role for any male actor.

And it has whopping 90 episodes! I CANNOT. YOU. 1#***3%@#!#@!~~~!!!

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