Listening Snow Tower Ending: Has Qin Jun Jie mastered the arts of blood-spitting?

Some of our members are following this drama and were talking about the ending, so I figured I could take a look…then I stumbled on the hilarious edits made by fans of the Qin Jun Jie and Co. spitting blood. I couldn’t stop laughing. It made my day. The last time we spoke about the arts of blood-spitting was when Wallace Huo donated blood on the set of The Journey of Flower. Do you guys remember that post? It was in 2014!!

For the fun of it, let’s create a list of actor/actresses who can spit blood beautifully for the year-end awards. Heh.

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Airing May 6th: Wallace Huo and Yang Mi’s Zhu Meng Qing Yuan, Qin Jun Jie and Yuan Bing Yan’s Listening Snow Tower

Which will grab your attention?

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Qin Jun Jie and Yuan Bing Yan fight fluidly in the rain for Listening Snow Tower

For a drama about an assassination organization, the stills and even the first peek of the leads in motion are so elegant. Lol.

Trailer is also released!

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Qin Jun Jie and Yuan Bing Yan lead Listening Snow Tower

Listening Snow Tower is a wuxia novel written by Cang Yue, first book in a trilogy. The name of the series stands for the name of the manor in the novel, a famous assassinating organization led by our enigmatic hero – Xiao Yi Qing (actor Qin Jun Jie), who is on a quest to rule jianghu and has built the place on blood and tears. Standing by his side is his beloved person Shu Jing Rong (actress Yuan Bing Yan), who is tied to him with the promise that she will only serve someone who can beat her. Unfortunately, the cold and unbending hero is laden with an incurable disease and his life could end anytime. Likewise, she’s distrustful of everyone around her. It’s an epic romance between two extraordinary people and how they think those around them don’t end up…well….alive.

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Hua Xu Yin drops new trailer, starring Kevin Cheng & Yuan Hong

You know what I just realized? School begins next week. What’s worst? My schedule dictates that my classes/labs run 8-9 hours every day and I don’t get home until 8 at night. Scanning the schedule has sucked the life out of me. =/ This means updates will be scarce and many of you might ditch this love boat for a better ship. (Here’s when you step in and profess your love to this community! 😉 )

Anyway, away from my sobbing school life is a new Cdrama on your radar. It’s another novel-turned-drama adaptation, penned by Tang Qi Gong Zi, a writer known for fusing the past with the future meticulously in his fantasy romance novels. The premise of Hua Xu Yin revolves around a fallen princess, Ye Zhen, being revived by a magical pearl. Using the power from the pearl, she then travels the 9 states and helps people achieve their dreams. The male lead, Mu Yan, is the prince of the opponent country. My friends said the drama is based loosely on the novel, so many things are changed. And they aren’t happy.

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