Jia Qing, Kim Jung Hoon, Chen Ruo Xuan in Distressed Beauty

Man, this is why smaller productions get little promotions, their promotional materials suck! Not a lot of pretty stills and a whole extended trailer to spoil your viewing experience (well, this aspect isn’t new but still!). Here is another period drama with a revenge theme, for those of you who prefer this subject. Nothing new. In Distressed Beauty (卿本佳人), our heroine (Jia Qing) comes from a rich family but her family is murdered in one day, leaving her and younger sis to fend for themselves. In her poor state, she meets and falls in love with a well-meaning man (Chen Ruo Xuan). Unfortunately, once she finds clues related to her family massacre, she marries into the enemy’s lair, setting herself up with their dumb son (Kim Jung Hoon), who isn’t quite what he appears to be, while pre-marriage boyfriend gets attacked and turns his life around to become a pirate. LOL! I swear he designed himself after Captain Sparrow.

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