Love You Forever: A Timeless Love Story between Li Yi Tong and Li Hong Qi

The stills for this movie are so lovely, beautiful, and romantic, they hit all the right notes for me. Romance film Love You Forever (我在时间尽头等你) stars Li Yi Tong and Li Hong Qi and it has finally snatched a theater release date after being delayed due to the pandemic. The story follows our aspiring ballerina who helps out an older theater attendant, and in doing so discovers his diary. The content stuns her; his diary details their romance through his memories since childhood; the timeless romance that is concealed in another dimension. As it turns out, our male lead was given the chance to travel back in time and he did it to correct a mistake in the past. However, fate doesn’t let you tamper with it without consequences.

In selected theaters on 8/25!

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First Peek: Meeting Love On A Trip with Chen Xiao and Jing Tian, Go Go Squid with Yang Zi and Li Xian

So sorry for the lack of updates guys, I was so tired every day after work. I would read the news and my head would droop onto my desk like it’s a thousand pounds. Someone is riding up the age ladder. Lol.

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