Huang Zi Tao and Song Zu Er discover another side to each other through a dream in Legally Romance

Youhug describes the drama, adapted from the novel by Ye Fei Ran: The 28-year-old paralegal Qian Wei is her boss Lu Xun’s unfortunate lackey. Her boss has had beef with her since she offended him in the past and bears a grudge against her due to what happened when they were students. When Qian Wei gets into a coma due to an accident, she reverts to her teenage self in a dream. Surprisingly, she discovers a different side to Lu Xun. In between dreams and reality, the two people explore each other’s feelings while staying true to their aspirations in the legal world.

No matter how time goes by, what remains is the love hidden in our heart.

Legally Romance (才不要和老板谈恋爱) begins airing 3/10~

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