Suzy and Lee Seung Gi gracing magazine spreads in July

 photo SULSG1.jpg

Suzy is mature and sophisticated for Harper’s Bazaar in France while Esquire magazine’s editor saturated Lee Seung Gi‘s photos with too much purple. And for god’s sake, the location is in Hawaii, you could at least show the beautiful scenery with blue oceans and sea life (read: shirtless goodies.) But all you have are face shots. REALLY? Why did I include them together? They’re hot off The Gu Family Book, as we all know.

Also check out Mnet’s award video of Suzy meeting the fake Kang Chi onstage. Cute.

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Lee Seung Gi & Suzy in The Gu Family Book’s First Teaser

EEEEE!! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve been in Kdrama slump for a while, even the Winter Wind leaves me cold and detached. But this little fantasy story sets in the Joseon era might just grab my attention. The synopsis? My version: Gumiho and Woong-Ah’s first child is Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi). He’s a hippie hapa who is found and adopted by a nobleman. As an adult, he registers to learn martial arts at a local school, where he clashes with a cross-dressed instructor, Dam Yeo Wool (Bae Suzy). She’s skilled in archery, so it’s possible for our hero to lose some precious beans during their courtship. To complicate matters, her bodyguard is one without an official character name (yet), but I’ll just say Sung Joon. Already, the sight of broken hearts lying around can be seen within a 5-mile radius, regarding his unrequited love for YW. *owww*

Note: Please be warned. The synopsis above has been improvised by Kappy for her snerking.

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“It’s water games till the end!” – Gary on Running Man Episode 120


I loved last week’s episode. Sooner or later, sport games with magical powers are going to become a tradition on Running Man. I like Go Choo‘s competitiveness and sneaky Teddy Bear (Ryu Hyun Jin)’s giggles. Jin Se Yeon from Five Fingers was also there…but might I ask, why do we need another guest when the focus is placed purely on the athletes? I’ll never get bored of the guests’ WTH faces when their supposed advantages and skills are rendered into hilarious antics for the show. Monster pitcher was OUT-ed by HaHa. Weee~~

If last week’s eppy scored a 10 on creativity, then this week got the humor and entertainment right on the game. It’s another X-Man reunion (it’s been 6 years? Holy cow…) with Lee Seung Gi standing and laughing like his bumbling old self next to Yoo Jae Suk. Park Shin Hye was also invited and she was better than Se Yeon. That’s all. Now onto the picspam!

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