TvN to remake popular Japanese manga series, Liar Game

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not again Kdrama Producers! NO!”

Was my initial reaction when I heard of the news a few weeks ago. Secretly, in my dungeon, I had formed a praying shrine, hoping that all is a fluke! Then today, they announced the leads! KIM SO EUN! GIRL, I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!! Why are they pitting my girl crushes against each other!? If you don’t know already, the manga series spawned two seasons of drama adaptations in Japan, with Toda Erika as the female lead, Kanzaki Nao, and Matsuda Shota as the genius swindler, Akiyama Shinichi. Then I scrolled over and saw the male leads – Lee Sang Yoon as Akiyama? Then we have Shin Sung Rok on the other side (I think he could work – he’s quite quirky in Trot Lovers.) Still………LSY?


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[Recap] The Duo Ep. 5 & 6

Usually, dramas benefit from word of mouth. However, the same case doesn’t apply to “The Duo” as my friends slowly cease to discuss about this drama! I know no one is reading these recaps but why am I still writing? Because I’m bitter! Bitter that it didn’t come out as I wanted. Fuming over the fact that I was expecting another saguek hit. Boo Alice! Boo! *prays-provemewrongwriters!*
Whatever, at least our male leads finally meet each other in episode 5. They exchange fists and become friends.

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