Chinese Celebrities and their Moms: Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day everyone! I don’t think we need a reminder to appreciate our moms because such unconditional and selfless love can only stem from our parents. It always amazes how much my mom has accomplished so far despite being illiterate (she only recognizes her children’s names) and very poor for many years. She’s my star, my love, and my inspiration. Always and Forever.

A compilation of Chinese celebrities with their lovely mothers or some fans would say… their mother-in-laws (hehe)!

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Zhao Li Ying’s News Updates (5/4/17): 72 Floors Conference, Princess Agents Promo, Airport Fashion

She isn’t filming dramas and yet still so many updates. CF deals are growing!

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72 Floors of Mystery’s shooting with Zhao Li Ying, sole female member

It is happening! First shooting of variety show 72 Floors of Mystery (七十二层奇楼) with their sole female member, Zhao Li Ying, has commenced! I was really worried about our girl but the fan-taken photos assured me that she looks happy and at ease. If this were Running Man, I would put my trust in Yoo Jae Suk’s awesome MC skills, but it’s not, so I can only hope, everything goes smoothly for everyone ~ The other male members include Simon Yam, Kris Wu, Leo Wu Lei, Wowkie Zhang, and Wang Xiao Li.

EDIT: ADDED FIRST TRAILER! The show airs on 5/5!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (54)

Playing catchup for the hours we missed! =D

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Variety Shows Updates: Divas Hit the Road Season 3, Keep Running, 72 Mysterious Floors, Give Me Five

Plucking this from my news batch to divide the mess into two posts. 😉

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

Beauty And The Beast was a let down on my end, didn’t feel the magical sweep of the romance, top-notch graphics and animation though, and I do love the bantering of the various house objects – they, to me, brought magic to the film. On the other hand, Kong: Skull Island was an unexpected enjoyment. I came for Tom Hiddleston but stayed for Kong; what a surprising twist to put us humans as the bad guys. What I also didn’t anticipate was the beauty-and-the-beast element placed at the end. I swooned. Was surprised to see Jing Tian in the movie…..who was absolutely disposable for all points and purposes. Lol. And you know I adore her but here, she was just there.

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