Han Dong and Lee Wei with perfect tuxs in Perfume Woman

Lol, I don’t know what to think of this. A drama about fragrances and perfumes? Now, where have we seen that IDEA before? 😛 Like a modern remake of The Legend of Fragrance, if you will. I’m pretty neutral towards the cast to be honest so this is me covering news that others might find interest. Thanks to Duke of Mount Deer, Han Dong is now not my ideal figure of a romantic leading man. hehe. Our leading lady is Kiton Jiang (Tiny Times 1.0) and despite being in many dramas, I do not recognize her face or name. Second male lead is given to Lee Wei (Lovestore at the Corner, Return of the Heiress). Not much is known about the synopsis except the heroine grew up in an orphanage and is bright and optimistic with an innate talent with distinguishing smells and fragrances.

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