Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (2)

Thanks for everyone for participating last time! I think this post will just be my random spazzing of everything under the sun, so feel free to rave and rant about anything and everything, and who knows you might find that one person who shares the same opinion. =D

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New Korean Drama I Look Forward To: Seven First Kisses

Well, I’m back again! ♥♥♥ This time with a Korean drama! As you all know, many new dramas have come out, and they all look very good! Today I’m here to talk about: Seven First Kisses! It features many “hot guys” whom I think you will all recognize when I talk about them.

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Kang Tae Oh, Nha Phuong mature beautifully in Forever Young 2

Wow, I can’t believe how much these two have grown! She lost that soft, youthful bounce and he has developed some muscles. This is one of the first Vietnamese dramas I wrote about two years ago [Read here.] They started filming Forever Young Season 2 this past May and had already wrapped up filming with an air date in line. Season 2 will dish out some answers to the open-ended relationship between Kpop fangirl played by Nha Phuong, and her Korean to-be boyfriend played by Kang Tae Oh. However, new characters and love interests will throw more wrenches in their relationship. The director revealed how fans will definitely root for our female lead this season.

I don’t know much else but the OTP pictures are simply romantic and dreamy.

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New Promos: Princess Wei Young and Pretty Li Hui Zhen

I know we’re busy with crime-solving dramas at the moment but one highly anticipated palace drama scheduled to be out in 2 weeks is Tang Yan‘s hopeful villainous transformation in Princess Wei Young (锦绣未央), in which she spars against her bubbly two-faced sisters and breaks the hearts of some men on her way to the top. Will she right the wrongs that past villains failed to do? (Kap: She better or else…Lol.)

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First Official Stills of China’s She Was Pretty with Dilraba and Peter Sheng

The Chinese Remake of Korean drama She Was Pretty is now officially called Pretty Li Hui Zhen (漂亮的李慧珍). Aww, I really appreciate the new title because it doesn’t encapsulate her beauty in one phase like the Kdrama did with She WAS Pretty. She was and still is very pretty. I’m not sure they even try but we have to go with their structure of beauty. Dilraba Dilmurat plays our heroine Li Hui Zhen, who had it all when she was younger (beauty and brains), only to grow up to be an average beauty (cue *roll eyes*). When an old friend (Peter Sheng Yi Lun) returns with his good looks, she’s made to feel humbled, asking her best friend to meet him instead. And thus begins a journey of self-discovery. At least, that’s what I hope!

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Kill Me Heal Me Chinese Remake confirms Zhang Yi San and Cai Wen Jing

Interesting and refreshing pairing. Always a plus when they get new faces to star in popular remakes. In this case, it’s the highly-buzzed Korean series of 2015, Kill Me Heal Me, with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum, where our hero has seven personalities and our heroine as the first-year psychiatric resident trying to help him gain back control as a whole. Actor Zhang Yi San (Yu Zui, Escape Route) and Cai Wen Jing (So Young, The Interns) have been announced as our sizzling OTP. The new adaptation changes its name to Seven of Me (七个我) and for the longest time after Huace announced its plan to remake the series, a lot of names were thrown out to play the sophisticated hero, but I think we have landed a dark horse in Yi Shan. He has this off-kilter feel to me. Lol.

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Posters and Teaser for Chinese Remake of She Was Pretty with Dilraba Dilmurat and Sheng Yi Lun

This production is funny. Filming hasn’t even started but we keep seeing posters and posters, and now even a quick teaser. She Was Pretty (漂亮的她) is a popular 2015 Korean series, now being remade with Dilraba Dilmurat and Peter Sheng Yi Lun as our OTP. Their looks get a switcheroo after they mature and become full-grown adults. She’s no longer the swan in people’s eyes, and he’s no longer the nerdy kid on the block. With a head full of frizzy curls, she’s deemed as unattractive by…..

by… *looks at Dilraba, then coughs*


No answer to that really. Just agree to whatever setup they give us.

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Fancam Trailer of Korean Remake of Bu Bu Jing Xin

Yep. So China already bought the rights to Korean remake of the popular Tong Hua‘s novel, Bu Bu Jing Xin, now known as Scarlet Heart: Ryeo (보보경심: 려) and they will air it simultaneously with Korea on August 29th, all pre-produced. Sneak peek of the 5-minute trailer has been posted online by fans. Have a look for yourself.

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