Fierce make-up marks Zhao Li Ying’s character transformation in The Journey of Flower

No more ghost Kappy! I’m officially back. It was a good trip, I’ll post pictures after I sort them out, making sure that nothing inappropriate grazes your screen. Lol. I like that when I return, I see badass pictures of my girl crush in her glorious demon make-up, hair, and costumes for the drama and the game app of Hua Qian Gu aka The Legend of Flower, which is scheduled to premiere on HunanTV coming June 9th! This also means the end of The Four (I need to continue watching this one) A longer trailer will be released very soon so hold on to your horses! I’m excited mostly because she’s been missing from the small screen for way long! And this is HER HAREM drama. All female actresses should have their own harem drama. That should be the law. =D

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Casting Finalized for TV adaptation of Hua Qian Gu

Don’t listen to Kappy. Pretty things won’t last!

And I’m sad, very, very sad. This is the type of drama that will launch the careers of many unknown faces but the confirmed cast so far leaves a lot to be desired… What can I say, I’m spoiled by pretty things in the past few years. 😉 But surprises are mostly unexpected, so the glass is half full!

NOTE: Will update casting news in this post as we go along.

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