Emotional trailer for Elvis Han, Hu Bing Qing’s 20 Once Again

Last time we spoke of this drama remake, 20 Once Again (重返20岁), of Korean movie, Miss Granny, they just began filming (Nov. 2015) and now we have a long trailer to satiate our thirst. Less is more people! Anyway, a very solid trailer! I’m impressed. Not on the grand term of a period piece like Storm of Prophecy, but in the slew of slappity slapp-slap trailers of modern drama, this one comes out on top. There’s a sad undertone throughout, questioning the choices that the couple made when they were younger. Second chances are the best, aren’t they?

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Angelababy in a cryptic romance with Ethan Ruan in Kill Time

Based on a suspense novel, Angelababy will be romancing Ethan Ruan on Valentines Day this year! Kill Time tells the story of a deceased cop’s daughter re-investigating an unresolved case of her father’s nine years prior to his death. During her investigation, she discovers more critical clues and develops feelings for a charming young man. However, she has an inkling of having met him before… which doesn’t bode well when the truth might tear them apart.

More stills and a number of kisses in the trailer!

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Elvis Han and Hu Bing Qing for 20 Once Again Drama Version

Interesting pair. I love me some Elvis Han but someone needs to feed Hu Bing Qing too. What’s with our actresses looking like walking sticks these days? 🙁 At least she doesn’t look ill (like the case of Sebrina). Veteran actress Gua Ah Leh will be reprising the grandma “heroine” role from the movie adaptation released earlier this year with Lu Han and Yang Zi Shan. 20 Once Again is the drama remake of hit Korean Movie, Miss Granny. Despite having already three versions of the same source material, I still haven’t watched the original movie yet! Chime in below if you have seen previous adaptations and your thoughts on the casting choices. I think it’s high time for me to get my hands on Miss Granny now.

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