ATV’s rebirth, to remake popular series My Date With a Vampire as a webdrama



My Date With A Vampire was the series I fell hard for vampires and its hunters. Lol! If you have watched ATV series, chances are you loved their Vampire franchise (both Date and Vampire Expert) as well because its one of their biggest runaway hits over TVB series. Its a classic romance with our heroine hailed from generations of ghostbusters and our hero who turned into a vampire after helping her ancestors. 60 years later, past mistakes meet present problems. The story is so intricately written and all the characters are connected in more than one way. Like Huan Zhu Ge Ge, part three doesn’t exist for me!

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Roger Kwok, Joey Meng, Vincent Wong in Dead Wrong

Solid cast! What a salivating cast!! I’m so excited to watch this TVB drama on Sunday with a two-episode premiere. Dead Wrong (致命復活) reunites Roger Kwok and Joey Meng for the X times as a couple. Lol. The story is exciting featuring Roger Kwok and Vincent Wong as doctors being kidnapped and imprisoned in Vietnam. While one (Vincent) escapes, the other (Roger) is stuck in a dark cave for 10 years. In the years he was missing, Roger’s character lost everything, his assets and his wife (Joey). She finds a support system in their close friend (Kenny Wong) and has to deal with numerous traumatic events of her own. When Roger finally escapes the darkness, he vows to uncover the truth, only to discover more shocking secrets about his kidnap and his loved ones. Will this group of traumatised people resurrect or sink in the end?

Chills. I have chills!

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