New Promos: Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Dilreba’s The King’s Woman, Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud of Han Dynasty

It’s hard to focus on one drama per post when they churn out news endlessly throughout the day. Of the three dramas featured in here, I’m not sure which one I will watch. Nothing Gold Can Stay have weird coupling chemistry going on, The King’s Woman looks twisty and I don’t like mean lead guys even if he’s Zhang Bin Bin, but Dilreba looks stunning in all the stills, and Xuan Yuan Sword: Cloud of Han Dynasty…. I’m iffy about everyone’s okay acting. Lol.

Am I too hard to please? Or too jaded for dramaland?

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Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud OST by Yu Meng Long and Guan Xiao Tong

Xuan Yuan Sword: Clouds of Han (轩辕剑之汉之云) is the upcoming drama adaptation of popular Chinese game franchise Xuan Yuan Sword, featuring Leon Zhang Yun Long and Alan Yu Meng Long as brothers who were separated and brought up as warriors on opposite side. Bromance!

The melody of the songs are lovely so I did wish it was given to stronger vocals. It is a pretty drama!

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Recap: Tiger Cubs Episode 12


I’m loving Tiger Cubs. Although there are glitches in the writing, the acting comes out strong and consistent. Each case has a story, and behind each one is gray characterization of the culprits and victims. No one is completely black and white, which makes a compelling storyline. Plus, each episode focuses on a back story of one of the tiger cubs, so we aren’t skipping character depth for them. These moments are short however, sometimes feeling like a quick gloss over the issue, but I’m glad they are inserted rather than completely missing.

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First Impression: Tiger Cubs Episode 1-2


Yay! I like what I see already. Fast-paced and explosive (literally). If the title is not explicit already, this is Tvb promoting the next batch of potential young blood (ahem). We have Mr. Slicer cameo role, Mr. Tigger flashing his abs, and Mr. Pro leading the pack. There’s also bromance! Purfeeect!! 😉

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