Surplus Princess: Episode 1 “Unconventional Mermaid.”

I’m in my drama-binging mode so if you see a slew of first impression posts, don’t be alarmed. Surplus Princess is quite out there and absurd in some ways, but it’s entertaining so far, ad requires little to no effort from your brain to make sense of things. Just go along with it. The heroine, our mermaid princess, is adorable, and it helps that she’s played by someone appropriate in age, and pleasing to the eyes. It’s only 45 minutes so the hour goes by really quick.

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[Discussion Corner] Kdrama: Shut Up Flower Boy Band


New Feature! ‘Cause this place has become a ghost ship. I don’t want it to become a convenient download center – it was (still is) never my intention. Other than requests for upload and dramas, you guys are a quiet, tame bunch, which makes me nervous.

So here’s the first discussion post for Shut Up Flower Boy Band where all spazzers are welcome to share their thoughts, goodies, mvs, and artworks with other fans. Don’t be shy and join the wild ship partyyy!

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