Fake Princess with Li Kai Xin and Zhao Yi Qin drops behind the scenes video

Fake Princess (山寨小萌主) is based on the novel written by Shui Sheng. It stars Li Kai Xin and Zhao Yi Qin as the main leads. She’s a rich miss who decides to wander jianghu and becomes a bandit in the mountains. LOL. She meets Crown Prince played by Zhao Yi Qin and headbutts with him. For a chest of gold, she decides to marry him. But everything is meant to be fake (??) but our Crown Prince has no idea he has met his life’s nemesis. The heroine’s journey of taming the arrogant Crown Prince begins! She’s described as a wild kitten into a powerful leopard. Meow!


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Forget You, Remember Love: Chinese Remake of Prince Turns to Frog with Xing Fei and Jin Ze

Oy, this is tough! The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog is one of Taiwanese classic idol dramas back in the days and shot its leading couple – Ming Dao and Joe Chen into stardom. I liked it a lot when I first watched it as an impressionable teenager. I even bought the freakin ring believing in its holy magic of finding true love. LOL. The ring now symbolizes my youth and is the only drama merchandise I bought.  In the new remake, the main couple is played by Xing Fei, who has been solid in all her projects, and Jin Ze, who is a new face to me. Not sure whether I will be tuning in or not, so let me know of your impressions!

Premieres today 3/23.

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