The Eight with Ou Hao, Tan Song Yun, and Wang Zi Xuan releases new trailer

The Eight (民初奇人传) is an iQiyi original webdrama produced by film director Chen Kai Ge. It follows our hero, played by Oho Ou Hao, as he tumbles into the underbelly of the criminal world while trying to save China’s independence against external forces. The title The Eight represents different martial artists of jianghu in charge of guarding an ancient treasure.

Love how different Tan Song Yun looks in her character!
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Hou Ming Hao, Cheng Yi, and Li Man begin filming The Lost Tomb 2

Well, can you believe it’s been 3 years since The Lost Tomb 1 aired? Cast changes was announced a long time ago and the leading men are the new faces we have been seeing onscreen in last year’s numerous projects. Neo Hou Ming Hao (Cambrian Period) will play Wu Xie, and Cheng Yi (The Legend of Chusen) will play Zhang Qi Ling, and actress Li Man (War and Peace) will play A’Ning. The Lost Tomb 2 will focus on two chapters, Nu Hai Qian Sha and Qin Ling Shen Shu., which I don’t know what they are about yet. Lol. Anyone?

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Zhao Li Ying’s Project Updates: Princess Agents, New Eternal Waves, Monkey King 3

Ahhh, last day of New Year! Sorry for the lack of updates, I just wanted to take some time offline and spend more time with my folks. Hopefully, you guys did too. Princess Agents is aiming for a slot this summer on HNTV while her movie Duckweed ranked fourth in the box office and ranked 6.9 in review on Douban, one of the largest review sites in China. Pretty good for a movie that was shot in less than 2 months with low budget.

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