Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (6)

Beauty And The Beast was a let down on my end, didn’t feel the magical sweep of the romance, top-notch graphics and animation though, and I do love the bantering of the various house objects – they, to me, brought magic to the film. On the other hand, Kong: Skull Island was an unexpected enjoyment. I came for Tom Hiddleston but stayed for Kong; what a surprising twist to put us humans as the bad guys. What I also didn’t anticipate was the beauty-and-the-beast element placed at the end. I swooned. Was surprised to see Jing Tian in the movie…..who was absolutely disposable for all points and purposes. Lol. And you know I adore her but here, she was just there.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (52)

Happy Friday! =D I need to publish or else I will keep adding news!

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Jiao Jun Yan’s Problematic Restaurant Solaso Bistro to air

Solaso Bistro (问题餐厅) is the remake of Japanese drama, A Restaurant with Many Problems (Mondai no Aru Restaurant, 问题のあるレストラン). The original drama follows our heroine who is fed up with the sexist world of the kitchen and restaurant and opens up her own restaurant….on a rooftop. Working with her are five women and one gay guy, all bringing their own flavor to the new melting pot, causing numerous conflicts and fights. Jiao Jun Yan is the head female of the problematic restaurant. She’s still proudly sporting the clean boy cut, and dare I say, she’s wicked handsome. Girl crush material right here!

Instead of a trailer we have a song by singer Chen Li from the OST. Very soothing. If you miss little A Li, he’s in here too. 😀

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Anhui TV Drama Awards 2016

Another award ceremony! The pair of the day is of course Miss Highness and Mr. Majesty. Live long and prosper! heeee! *wink wink

The whole show will air on 1/1/17.

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Tencent QQ Star Awards 2016, more of Marie Claire Artistry

The endless rounds of red carpet events. O_________O I need some cookies and drinks after this. Lol.

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