Colourful Bone: Series Review (Cdrama, 2017)

Heyo~~ long time no write ^.^ Our wonderful captain has asked that I write a series review since quite a few people have been requesting it, and I’m happy to oblige.

Colourful Bone or 艷骨 is originally a webnovel by Mengyan Dianxia. Although it is said the drama is a novel adaptation, a large chunk of the story has been changed.

I was meant to have this up at the end of January, but with Chinese New Year and the influx of new dramas, this has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time. I can’t harp on about it enough and Kappy can attest to this @_@.


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Mao Zi Jun leads modern drama Gifted Dreamer with Mou Xing

Yay! Our resident second male lead has moved on. You might remember Mao Zi Jun’s face in The Four, Chusen, Legend of the Dragon Pearl, etc. He has led before but this would be a major one after audience has recognized his face throughout last and this year.

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