Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (15)

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Jerry Yan and Ron Ng compete for the title My Best Ex Boyfriend

Ghost Kappy reporting to duty!

Interesting. With a title like that, it’s no surprises that our female characters cannot move on with their lives! Everybody is everybody’s exes. Modern drama My Best Ex Boyfriend features Jerry Yan (Loving Never Forgetting) and Maggie Jiang (Go Goal Fighting!) as the main ex-couple, while Ron Ng (Return of Happiness) and Viola Mi (My Sunshine, The Empress of China) as the second ex-couple.

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Taiwan’s Dao Ming Si meets Japan’s Hanazawa Rui in Lupin III

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Sorry for the corny post title, my friends. I just had to do it. Where else could I write such an awesome reference? And I don’t care what anyone says, Dao Ming Si’s hair (above) was awesome, as opposed to his girly hair afterwards. It is actually a 3-way meeting as Korea’s mafia boy Song Woo Bin (actor Kim Joon) is also in the movie. The titular character, Lupin, is portrayed by Oguri Shun, while Jerry Yan plays his enemy, aptly so. Lupin III is adapted from a popular Japanese manga series, where our hero is the world’s most wanted gentleman thief. He and his gang of capable colleagues often collide and foil other criminals’ plans.

Oh boy. I love this already!!

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Jerry Yan and Tong Li Ya become parents in Loving, Never Forgetting

Having been shelved for over a year, modern cdrama, Loving, Never Forgetting, has finally been picked up by Zhejiang Television to air on June 23rd, 2014, which is…in one day. heh. I haven’t seen Jerry Yan in forever and the same can be said for Tong Li Ya, who has recently tied the knot (in real life) with Chen Si Cheng. The basic storyline resembles Autumn Concerto. A one-night stand leading to a precious small creation. And yet the father has no idea about the child until 7 years later. He fights for his son’s custody and in the process, begins to fall in love with the mother of his child.

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F4’s Nostalgic Reunion at Jiangsu TV’s Spring Festival Gala 2013

Jerry, when are you gonna change your hairstyle?! 😛 And Vanness, no need to show up like a Red Pepper!

And 13 years later, they once again stood on the same stage, looking sharper than ever. I never realize how soft-spoken and low Zai Zai’s voice is until I saw their interview, which is playful, even without translation. A summary anyone? I’m ready to whip out my Dvds for Meteor Garden and just bite my lips at the terrible fashion back in the days. The 2000 version might not be the purrttiest but boy did it hit all the right notes that I wished were in later adaptations. You’re right, first loves are unforgettable.

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