I Remember You (Hello Monster): Episode 1 & 2 Recap

How can you refuse this?

Kap: A new guest recapper on board. I’m noticing a surge of interest in recapping and I’m pleasantly surprised. Is it because school is over for many? Anyhow, I always welcome new voices on this ship so don’t be shy to contact me!

Hello… er, little monsters! Since all my tissues are already soaked by My Love Eun-Dong and The Girl Who Sees Smell has filled my quota for fluffy rom-coms, I’ve decided to give Seo In Guk and Jang Nara‘s new cop drama a try.

Recaps written by Runaway for AVV. 🙂

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Baby-faced Couple: Jimmy Lin & Jang Nara in ‘Flying With You’


Darn, darn, darn. What happens when you put two equally cute-faced actors together? A cute romance with a bathtub of youthfulness (image above, no pun intended). The stills are absolutely adorable! Jang Na Ra plays the daughter from a rich household, who chances upon Jimmy Lin a few days before her wedding. Hijinks ensue as they take off flying into exhilarating sports…. What? Two harmless puppies doing action? I’m there.

What else do you need to watch these two being chummy in a BATHTUB? However, the location of the bathtub is questionable, in the middle of a FOREST? Not suspicious at ALL. Nope.

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