Scifi drama Humans: Chinese adaptation of British Tv Series with Ma Tian Yu and Qi Wei

China is venturing out more huh? Humans (你好安怡) is an adaptation of British TV show with 3 seasons (each with 8 episodes) back in 2015 – 2018. But even that was based on a Swedish science fiction drama called Real Humans in 2012. To quote Wiki, The series focuses on the social, cultural, and psychological impact of the invention of anthropomorphic robots called “synths.” In the Chinese Version, our hero played by Ma Tian Yu is out looking for his beloved robots while trying to dodge the pursuit of Professor Huo. His father created four to be his siblings, and three were stolen. One of the robot is played by Qi Wei, now with her memory wiped, she’s bought by a family to help do household chores (the year is 2035 and we are that advanced, lol). However, she begins to display very human-like qualities, causing chaos between the husband and wife.

Airing 2/19!

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